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Eddy, Hugo, Annick
dec 2010

Darja, Niels en Dirk
nov 2010

Henkie and Marino
nov 2010

Aad and Martien
nov 2010

Helma and Hans
okt 2010

Sylvie and Maartje
okt 2010

Carina and Erik
okt 2010

Claudine and Patrick
okt 2010 (fr)

Tinne and Koen
aug 2010

Sabine and Hansruedi
okt 2010 (ch)

Lutgarde and Xavier
okt 2010

Conny and Paul
sept 2010

George and Ruedi
HongKong sept 2010

Christine and Lise
sept 2010

Nadia and Christophe
sept 2010 (fr)

Ingrid and John
Sept 2010

Heidi and Johan
Sept 2010

Sylvian and Serge
Paris sept 2010

Veerle and Nick
Sept 2010

Tante christine, Sam and Chris
Sept 2010

Mieke and Gijs
Sept 2010 (nl)

Sandra and Simon
Sept 2010 (uk)

Radek and Oto
jun 2010 (cz)

Ria and Paul
Sept 2010

Andrey and Dmitry
sept 2010 (Russia)

Vera en Chris
sept 2010

Peter, Gerd, Jasmien
Guy, France and Nina Aug 2010

Debbie, J, Olivia, Lauren and Claire "bear"
Grayslake Illinois U.S.A. aug 2010

Bart, Anja, Robine and Gregg
Aug 2010

Kristine and Marrek
Aug 2010

Melissa and Jonnie
Juli 2010

Alex and Pablo,Emma,Ysabel
and Emmanuel juli 2010 (france)

Lies and Tom
juli 2010

Heidi and Patrick
Juli 2010

Hilde, Tony, Ann, Simon
and Yarne juli 2010

Sylvie, Servaes, Justin, Marthe
and Baptist juli 2010

Wouter and Marielou, Emilym, Louise and Just
Juli 2010

Toon, Appie and Noortje
june 2010 (nl)

Loog, Wilma and Judy
june 2010 (nl)

Helga and Bart june 2010

Sue and Keith Mc Burnie
june 2010 (Australia)

Daniel and Lisette
june 2010 (Amsterdam)

David and Mardi
june 2010 (USA)

Veronique and Jerome
june 2010 (France)

Cornelia and Mike
june 2010 (Canada)

Inge and Peter june 2010

Sara,Mary,Carol and Allen
june 2010 (USA)

Caroline and Mike may 2010

Gabriel&co april 2010 (esp)

Maria&co may 2010 (USA)

Jan and Leny may 2010

Anja and Rob may 2010

Jo and Miek may 2010

Veerle and Walter may 2010

Eline and Chris april 2010

Marc and Hildegard, Jef and Marleen
march 2010

Els and Hans march 2010

Rie and Lei april 2010

and kids april 2010 (fr)

Francisco jan 2010 (esp)